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Hosting 2.0

1.31.2006 by Kevin Creighton

I like my webhost. I've used them for years, and their price/features/service can't be beat (PLUG).

But this is cool. The future of online collaboration. TechCrunch » The Online Storage Gang. I like the RSS feed feature, myself.

*backing away, slowly*

1.30.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Look, I'm an Apple fan. I love watching the SteveNote from MacWorld. In the words of James Lileks, I not only drink the Apple-flavoured Kool-Aid, I snort up the powder thru a straw, it's faster. I think Steve's done more for computers in the last 10 years than Microsoft will, ever.


This is a little wierd, even for me. There's "Play 'Misty' For Me" element to it that's very unsettling...

Welcome to the future

1.28.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Adrants has a story on Rocketboom, an apparently popular videocast auctioning off ad space via eBay.

I gotta admit it, I'd never heard of them up until now, but it's hard to argue with 130,000 downloads a day. And with them now bidding for ads thru eBay, how long until the legacy media catches on to this as well?


by Kevin Creighton

The Photographic Cheat Sheet.

Via Camera News.

It's a bubbloom!

1.27.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Wired's talking about the uptick in web-related commerce.

Is this 1997 all over again, or is it an ongoing trend?

I hope it's a trend. I'm working on a couple of cool "Web 2.0" projects that would fit quite nicely into all of this...

Via /..

4 Days with iLife '06

1.26.2006 by Kevin Creighton

I bought iLife '06 for a couple of reasons, my iPhoto library on the iMac was deathly slow, and I wanted to take a look at iWeb, as I have an idea for a similar yet entirely different program.

And I'm impressed. iPhoto is now blazingly fast with the 6,000 images in my library, with no scroll wait at all. The full-screen editing is nice, but one-touch effects are great.

iWeb is definitely NOT Dreamweaver Light. It's barely Microsoft Word. And for a consumer application, it's surprisingly confusing. I was able to piece this together in about an hour., though. There's definitely a lot of "dumbing-down" going on, and the support documentation just sucks.

Which brings me to GarageBand, which I think is the crown jewel of the new release. It's now a powerful a/v editing suite, able to mix both photo and video content, and runs MUCH faster than previous versions.

I haven't played with the new iMovie yet, and just started to make a new iDVD, but I like the new themes in iDVD. Overall, a very solid release from Apple.


1.25.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Webmonkey recently posted a couple of useful little tools,

SkimCSS and The Color Fields Pickr, which I kinda like.

Neat stuff.

Microsoft cares...

by Kevin Creighton

Y yo con los ojos azules.

A Costa Rica phrase meaning, "Tell me another one".

Where it all began

1.24.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Behold, the first banner ad, ever.

We've come a long way, baby.

The Few, the Proud,

1.23.2006 by Kevin Creighton

The Marines.

The Marines have an artist-in-residence in Iraq. And he's churning out some amazing work.

Best photos and sketches I've ever seen by anyone required to qualify each and every year with an M-16 at 500 yards...

Via Don.

I can't say it too often.

1.21.2006 by Kevin Creighton

If you want great free images, go to the Library of Congress' website.
85 mb .tif's, courtesy of your government.


1.20.2006 by Kevin Creighton

MooFx is a 3kb Javascript file that does... wonders. And it works in Safari, too!


Massively useful

1.19.2006 by Kevin Creighton

This is more of Jon's area, but this blog buzz tracker looks really cool.

Via buzzmachine.


1.18.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Every Web 2.0 cliche in the book, all in one place.

I sure hope it's satire. If it is, it's really, really good satire.

Busy again today

by Kevin Creighton

But this little tutorial on how to make a text/photo montage in Photoshop is cool.

Travel often?

by Kevin Creighton

Here's a list of airports with free wi-fi.

And Sky Harbor's one of them.

There'll be more tomorrow and the rest of the week. Today was busy.

Nobody ever said Target was stupid

1.17.2006 by Kevin Creighton

The aerial view that Google Maps provides is becoming so popular that Target is putting it's logo on the roofs of new stores.


A blogger is just a writer with a cooler name

1.16.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Read the whole thing.

Via Adrants.

Pantone brings it on home

by Kevin Creighton

An $89 digital color calibrator?

Fantastic idea. Sign me up.

Not true

1.14.2006 by Kevin Creighton

And I can prove it


Six and a half is the new three

by Kevin Creighton

blahblahblah Apple's market share is declining, it's only 3 percent , blahblahblah.

Except, Apple's share is increasing, and it's 6.6 percent. And they're the #4 PC maker in the U.S., ahead of IBM/Lenovo. For now.

Oh yeah, and Apple's worth more than Dell now, too.

About time for Steve Jobs to say he'd shut down Dell and give the money back to the shareholders, don't you think? ;-)


by Kevin Creighton

It looks like iWeb kicks out HTML that's not awful, but could be better.

I agree with the reviewer: 'There's always 2.0.".

Scott Adams is stalking me

1.13.2006 by Kevin Creighton

So true. Though I'm not sure about what code attempted strangulation is in my company...

10 reasons why your next PC will be a Mac

by Kevin Creighton

Lots of good stuff here, especially since it may run Windows, too.

Still waiting, Bill

by Kevin Creighton

Two years ago, Bill Gates promised to solve spam forever.

Still waiting.


1.12.2006 by Kevin Creighton

I love Yahoo! Widgets.

And an onscreen cropper is one of the reasons why.

So sad. So True.

by Kevin Creighton

"I used to be able to see the squirrels, and they were merry.”


The end is nigh

by Kevin Creighton

While there's no confirmation on NikonUSA's website, but according to Nikon U.K., it looks like Nikon is discontinuing it's 35mm line except for the F6 and FM10, along with it's large format lenses and enlarging lenses.

Crap, I loved the 21omm f5.6 Nikkor-W. GREAT product lens.

"Following the success of our digital line-up over the last seven years, which has resulted in more than 95% of Nikon’s UK business being within the digital area, Nikon Corporation has made the decision to focus management resources on digital cameras in place of film cameras. This decision will allow Nikon to continue to develop products that match the demands of an increasingly competitive market place.


As a result of the new strategy Nikon will discontinue production of all lenses for large format cameras and enlarging lenses with sales of these products ceasing as soon as they run out of stock. This also applies to most of our film camera bodies, interchangeable manual focus lenses and related accessories. Although Nikon anticipates that the products will still be in retail distribution up to Summer 2006.

In recognition of Nikon’s commitment to professional photographers we will continue to manufacturer and sell the F6, our flagship film model, as well as a number of manual interchangeable lenses. Sales of the manual FM10 will also continue outside Europe."


I'm a sucker for this kind of thing

1.11.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Love the classic SciFi of yesteryear, where an Atomic Radio Future awaited us.

Tales of a Past Future.

Microsoft vs. computer security

by Kevin Creighton

Sounds about right.

"Trustworthy Computing", my left buttock.

One more thing...

1.10.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Gosh, where did I hear that today... :-)


Good name, great idea.

But with an awesome Flickr export tool for iPhoto already out there, why did Apple think they needed to re-invent the wheel?

./~ You take the good, you take the bad... ./~

by Kevin Creighton

./~ you take 'em both and there you have... ./~

Damn you, CT! (Inside joke)

The Good:

The new versions of iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD. Neato. The increased photo capacity of iPhoto is greatly needed, as it's crashing on me with a measly 5k photos on my iMac. And the new transistions and themes in iMovie and iDVD : sex-ay.

? At first, I was underwhelmed, but then I found this, which combined with this will make it a useful app even for those of us without a .Mac account.

The new laptops? Sex-ay. But oy vey, that name! "MacBook Pro" ? Sounds too much like "brick", and that's one word you do NOT want associated with a laptop... :-)

The new iMac
? Nice. It'll probably be my next computer, once the current iMac bites it.

The biggest impact today's announcement will have down the road, I think, is making it easier for people to podcast, bringing that medium more and more into the mainstream.

Overall, not the most earth-shattering Expo keynote ever (that honour still goes to either the 2001 or 2002 Keynotes, IMO), but a good one.

Nobody ever said Google was stupid

by Kevin Creighton

Google's video downloads are now iPod (and PSP) compatible.

The free stuff, at least. I tried download an old "I Love Lucy" episode, but was greeted with, "Sorry, purchasing this video requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP."

Thanks anyways.

Once again, Google can wedge itself into the middle of things without worrying about OS. They have .avi's for the Windows Media player crowd, and mp4's for the iTunes users. No matter who wins the media player game, Google will have a hand in it.



1.09.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Somehow, the audio and the video here don't match. Can't quite figure out what it is...


Is there an advertising deism?

by Kevin Creighton

I love this post over at Brand Autopsy.

All the advertising in the world does you squart if your product sucks.

But then again, I've thought this for quite awhile now.

Yes, please

1.06.2006 by Kevin Creighton

iLife '06?


Yes, please.

If iWeb is what I think it is, an easy-to-use web design app that brings together all of Apple's iLife programs (iPhoto, iMusic, GarageBand, etc) into a multi-media blogging tool tied to .Mac, (something .Mac's recent bandwidth expansion to 1TB/mo./account seems to hint at), then watch out.

As I said here:

"More importantly, it (iWeb) adds value (LOTS of value) to .Mac, something that's not exactly been lighting up Apple's sales carts as of late.

Let's say it's an integrated vodcast/podcast/web publishing tool that integrates not only with iLife, but an improved Pages product that exports decent HTML/CSS. Now you're looking to boost sales of not one but three products.


Busy as all get out today...

1.05.2006 by Kevin Creighton

...so nothing much to post here.

Okay, since you insisted: I'm a geek. I've been a geek since the before the word geek was in common use. So this sort of thing is the flame to my moth.

And it looks like he knows his stuff, too.

I mean even NASA's getting into the game.


Anatomy of a screw-up

1.04.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Editor and Publisher tries to drag the newspaper and TV reporters who incorrectly reported the West Virginia miners story back behind the woodshed for the twenty licks they deserve, but I think they go soft on the reasons why this happened.

"But it won't excuse the blunt truth that we violated a basic tenet of journalism today in our printed edition: Report what you know and how you know it."

Ok, that's nice. But why?

Feed the need

by Kevin Creighton

This post over at BrandAutopsy on RSS points out something I've been thinking for a while:

(BTW, go read their Top 25 of 2005. It's really good.)

Geeks get what Web 2.0 means. No one else does.


As long as we keep calling it Web 2.0, the rest of the world won't care. They don't care about buzzwords like AJAX, RSS and blogosphere, they care about things that make their online experince better. Google Maps does that for everyone. 37 Signals... not so much.

Huff and puff

1.03.2006 by Kevin Creighton

Is there Google PC on the horizon?

I'm guessing no. I agree with Cringley, Google's more likely to chip away at the edges, developing online apps that work no matter what OS you use. They're out to make Microsoft irrelevant, not extinct.

Though it could be the Google Cube that the L.A. Times is talking about...


If it works, use it

by Kevin Creighton

As you may have noticed, I spend a fair amount of time singing the praises of Apple products here...


So if Jon can brag about a shaving brush, I can talk about vacuum cleaners. On an impulse, I picked up one of these (actually an identical model made by Shark that I can't find online) from our local Target last week.

It's changed our cleaning habits like no other product since the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. To quote my lovely wife, "Why do we need a big vacuum, anyways?".

If you want a cleaner house, buy one.

Bienvenidos, Welcome, How's it going, eh?

1.02.2006 by Kevin Creighton


If you've here because of the Carnival of the Digital Cameras, the post Don linked to is right here.

If you'd like, take a moment and look over my Flickr site, and thanks for coming.


What does the Army know,

1.01.2006 by Kevin Creighton

... about viral marketing that Citibank doesn't?

Quite a lot, it seems.

Only twenty of the Fortune 500 companies have blogs.

Yet blogging is tremendously popular in all branches of the military, and milblogs like Armorgeddon have led the way in bringing the news from the front home to us unfiltered.

Who'd have thought the Marines know more about the power of Web 2.0 than Tribune media?


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