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It's on!

1.31.2008 by Kevin Creighton

First, Amazon.com goes DRM-free with their MP3 downloads.

Then, they team up with TiVo for movie downloads.

Now, they buy audible.com.

Apple has been put on notice: They now have a serious competitor in the digital download field. And I'm not sure that Apple TV is strong enough to compete with TiVo/Unbox when it comes to downloads and set-top boxes.

Sign me up for one right now!

1.26.2008 by Kevin Creighton

My own private jetpack.

Ok, so there's a good chance I'll end up in the Darwin Awards if I get one.

Don't care, though. I mean, it's a FREAKIN' JETPACK!!! Who wouldn't want one?

Put it out of our misery

1.21.2008 by Kevin Creighton

There's no better advertisement for Mac OS X that Microsoft Vista, so let's let XP fade away and not keep it around anymore, ok?


Who's sorry now?

by Kevin Creighton

NBC CEO Jeff Zucker is looking to get back onto the iTunes Store.

The absolute cratering of NBC's online video service, Hulu, might have something to do with it.


So. Want.

1.15.2008 by Kevin Creighton

It's just purty.

No long tail on the Mustang

1.14.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Like your new Ford car?

Like it so much you and your fellow Ford enthusiasts want to make a calendar with photos of your cherished autos?

Too bad. Ford says any and all photos of their cars are their copyright, including photos of the one you own. That's right, you can't distribute photos of your own car without Ford's say-so.

God help you if happen to get somebody else's Ford in your photos.


Good detective work

1.13.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Is there "Something in the air" this Tuesday at Macworld?

Adium's logs seem to think so.

Kudos to the people who dug this up.


1.08.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Sony's not that smart. After all, they are still Sony.

Oh well. It was fun to dream.

Goodbye, Network Solutions

by Kevin Creighton

If this turns out the way I think it will, this is going to be very, very bad for them.

Basically, if you searched to see if, oh, "magicpixelstodayonline.biz" was available, Network Solutions would take note and register that domain themselves, forcing you to buy it from them and not GoDaddy or another registar.

Maybe it ain't illegal, but it is unethical.

Oh please be true

1.04.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Business Week is reporting that the last holdout of the big record labels, Sony BMG, will be dropping DRM on the music files it sells on Amazon.

If true, this will put tremendous pressure on Apple to switch iTunes to a non-DRM format.

This is gonna get interesting, folks!

Dumbest. Lawsuit. Ever.

1.03.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Apple is being sued because they iPod is a monopoly and doesn't play WMA files.

No, really.

Since when does playing AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF's, and WAV's a "monopoly" ?

My guess is that Microsoft is behind this.


Yes, please

1.02.2008 by Kevin Creighton

This take on the rumored Apple Tablet is just about everything I was talking about almost three years ago.

"Imagine a USB thumb drive with all your data which scales in features according to the hardware environment it's in.
If you want basic access (email, office apps, browsing) plug it into your PDA/Smartphone. For more advanced computing, say, graphics, 3d games or desktop publishing, plug that same drive into a "desktop" machine, and get all the office apps/email/etc, plus the more advanced graphics/memory needed for those other apps. Plug that same module into a "laptop" machine for the same feature set on the run.
Ideally, it will be OS-neutral, cross platform and open standards all the way. It's data on the PC, and what you do with it, that really makes a computer valuable. Hopefully PC design will eventually catch up with that fact."

Bring it on!

The pirates who haven't done anything

by Kevin Creighton

It's not software piracy that's slowing down Windows Vista sales, they're slow because people don't want it.

And what do people want?

Turns out, it's a Mac.


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