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The price of doing business

6.25.2010 by Kevin Creighton

A good portion of the British Government has no clue if their websites are effectively reaching their audience or not.

Around 16% of government departments did not know how their own websites were being used by tax payers, and almost a quarter were not aware of the running costs, according to the COI report.

Very few companies have any idea of why they have a website, they just know they need one, so it's not surprising government is the same way.

Websites don't exist in a vacuum: They need a reason to exist that is measurable and actionable. It can be something as simple as a contact form submission or something complex as Amazon.com, but without a reason WHY, there's no reason for a website at all.

Camera, lens, film.... Lego?

6.10.2010 by Kevin Creighton

Famous photographs, redone in Lego.

Cash up back

6.01.2010 by Kevin Creighton

The Internets seem a tad outraged over the cost of AT&T's iPhone insurance plan.


What if it's a way for AT&T to make up for revenue lost from opening up the $15/mo, 250mb data plan that the iPad uses to iPhone users as well?

For someone like me who relies on their iPhone to be their spare brain, the 250mb plan makes little sense, but for someone who uses an iPhone for voice and text and only occasionally surfs the web outside of their home WiFi spot, that extra little savings could tip them in favour of an iPhone over a regular 3G phone.


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