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Back to the future

7.18.2012 by Kevin Creighton

I find myself in 100% agreement with this article on the future of Yahoo!
Yahoo Mail still has more than 300 million members. Members like my wife and my mother - people who aren't getting rid of their @yahoo.com addresses anytime soon. Their @yahoo.com email address is their online identity. It's also a big reason they come back to Yahoo.com sites every day. And it's a big source of your revenue and site visits. 
For a Mac and Safari user like myself, the new Yahoo! email interface has been a disaster, so much so that I switched back. Yahoo! has a gold mine of pageviews and ad impressions to grow on, let's see if they can succeed. 

STILL not getting it.

7.14.2012 by Kevin Creighton

Vevo was one of the few things that the music industry has done right in the past 20 years, and they know it. Sorta.

YouTube has been good partners. They're just extracting too much money for the enterprise to work properly. The videos are expensive to produce. And there are many mouths to feed on our end. You have to pay the artist, the record companies, the publishers.

If Justin Bieber and Adele are somewhere else, that will be where people will go. If you don't have the content, no one will come. 
Two things:

If Justin Bieber videos are somewhere else, that's where the people will go. But if they end up on some Hungarian bootleg video network that shows up as the first result for searches for his songs, THAT'S where the people will go, and Google and the music labels both lose.

YouTube is king of the hill in video searches, and has content a-plenty. If the huddled masses can't find the latest pop hit on YouTube, they'll find something else that pique their attention. The economics of the web are the economics of abundance and the usual rules just don't work.


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