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Went camping this weekend...

10.25.2009 by Kevin Creighton

... and Chase Jarvis is right: The best camera is the one you have with you (in this case, my iPhone).

Windows 7 Launches today

10.22.2009 by Kevin Creighton

And the countdown for Windows 8 ("This time it'll work right, we promise!") has begun.

View Camera simulation? Yep, there's an app for that.

10.16.2009 by Kevin Creighton

The iPhone is rapidly turning into a photographer's best friend. (iTunes link).

Makes sense. Picture-taking these days is a two-step process: You take the photos with your camera and then work on them with your computer.

Why not combine the two processes into one single device? True, you won't get professional-level results of it (for now) because of processor and imager constraints, but how long will that last given the pace of chip development?

Permission marketing FAIL

10.15.2009 by Kevin Creighton

Memo to Toyota: Opting in for email doesn't mean setting up a campaign that makes your customers worry about whether they're being stalked by a madman from Great Britain.

It's the data, stupid

by Kevin Creighton

Computers aren't valuable as objects, they're valuable because of what they can do with data.

Period. Full stop.

A computer without data is utterly worthless: It doesn't even make a good boat anchor, and when your data moves to the cloud, it's the cloud that becomes valuable and not the device that's used to access it.

Unless, of course, that data can only be accessed by one device, like the Sidekick. Then you have two points of failure. You can't get to your data from your Sidekick, and you can't get to your data from any other device. Your data is not your own anymore, it belongs to the cloud.

Heaven help you if the cloud fails you.

Streisand was never this skinny

10.08.2009 by Kevin Creighton

The Streisand Effect: When your unreasonable demand comes back to haunt you.

And Ralph Lauren is finding out just how bad it can get.

What are the odds that because of this notoriety (and that outrageously stupid Photoshop), Ralph Lauren will go out of their way to make sure their 2010 Fall Campaign will feature real, normal-sized models?

Out to lunch

10.05.2009 by Kevin Creighton

Gourmet Magazine goes Tango-Uniform.

This is somewhat of a surprise, but then again, no. Magazines are suffering thru the same transition that's killing off newspapers by the dozen, so seeing big name periodicals go buhbye should surprise us, no matter what the medium.


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