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A time for heroes, a time for workers

7.21.2011 by Kevin Creighton

As of today, NASA is out of the manned space flight business. Astronauts were my heroes growing up, I read of their exploits like previous generations read of pioneer aviators or intrepid explorers. Astronauts were both of those, in a sense, and much more. They were our knights in shining armour, strapped on to rocket-powered steeds riding forth to do battle against The Evil Empire.

"Is that a man?"
"Yer damn right it is."

The time for heroes is over. Now it's time to get to work.

The odds of ads

7.07.2011 by Kevin Creighton

"It is 112.5 times more likely that you will sign up for and complete Navy SEAL Training than click on a banner ad."

And based on the ROI from the campaigns I've ran, that sounds about right.

Playing by the new rules

7.05.2011 by Kevin Creighton

Jan Klier succinctly sums up the new consumerism:

"So what is replacing all this? Mainly consumers demanding experiences rather than products, a high degree of customization, real-time, a value chain that is controlled by the brands end to end, micro-marketing, and the store as part of the brand.

In other words, selling has gone from companies pushing their products to consumers making commitments to a brand. The deer now have guns, and they're flexing their trigger fingers.


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