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Mad props to my homies

9.30.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Hey, Jon, you're famous! :-)

"Cold Stone Creamery's experiences with word of mouth began several years ago when it did a tie-in with TV reality show Survivor and saw the positive benefits of the resulting buzz, said Jon Gabriel who oversees special projects and store design at the ice cream chain."

Update: And he's blogging now, too!

Still ahead of the pack

9.29.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Adsense testing ‘Advertise on This Site’ feature.

Neat idea, and proves yet again that Google is innovating faster than the competition can keep up with.

For now.

O. M. G.

9.28.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Brilliant. I mean sheer freakin' genius here.

Rollyo : Roll Your Own Search Engine.

Enter in a string of URL's you want to search, then share it.

Fantastic idea.

Via rexblog.

The best war photography that never happened

9.27.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Reportage from the net.

Fascinating pix.

Fishbowl World

by Kevin Creighton

This post on AdRants got me thinking about the increasing ubiquity of cameraphones, photosharing and the Creative Commons license.

Sure, sites like iStockphoto and ultravertex are currently a threat to commercial photographer's livelihoods.

But the real killer app hasn't fully arrived yet:With the advent of hi-res cameraphones and pervasive hi-speed wireless internet, everyone out there is shooting hires images and sharing them with tags to help in searching and everyone can license their images for re-use.

All of a sudden the whole world is a stock agency.

In this scenario, what will set the commercial photographer apart from the unwashed masses isn't so much his style or look, as anyone can crank off that lucky shot, but his consistency of work. A client will hire a pro not because they'll get a unique shot (those will be found online), but because they'll know what kind of a shot they will get, and they'll know the shot they're getting will fit their needs. What will matter then is knowing what you shoot well, and being able to do so for your client.

Which, really, is what matters today, too.

Let's put our heads together and start a new country up

9.26.2005 by Kevin Creighton

(I still say Life's Rich Pageant was R.E.M.'s apogee. And speak to me not of R.E.M. without Bill Berry. The Clash, Led Zep and many others knew that when the drummer was gone, it was time to hang it up.)

I digress.

Know something about the history/current practice of design? Write it down in the Design Encyclopedia wiki.

Still, still, STILL aren't getting it.

9.24.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Geez, didn't somebody tell him that complaining that you're not getting a share of the iPod's sales revenue isn't the best way to fight back when someone says you're being greedy?

Strange game,

9.23.2005 by Kevin Creighton

the only way to win is not to play.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but Robert X. Cringley has some interesting thoughts on the Google Ad Words game.


9.22.2005 by Kevin Creighton

$400 for a dyesup printer?

Daddy want.

It'd be better than "Who Wants To Marry My Dad?"

by Kevin Creighton

Make agency reviews a reality show?

Why not?

If you're not cheating, you're not trying.

9.21.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Web Design Cheat Sheets: Illustrator, Photoshop, etc..

Via Lifehacker.


by Kevin Creighton

First, there was this.

Now there's this.

I really hope commercial photographers don't go the way of typesetters.

They still, still don't get it.

9.20.2005 by Kevin Creighton


It's a statement about the power of music that it manages to thrive with idiots like this in charge.

Before there was RadioShark and Podcasts and all the amazing technology of today, there was me taping Eclectic Circus on the CBC in the wee hours of Sunday mornings in 1982, hitting the Record button on my AM/FM/Cassette recorder at the start of the show, falling asleep, then listening to all of it the next day.

Idiots. If the consumer thought they were getting the value they wanted out of a music purchase, they wouldn't try to pirate songs.

Quo Vadis?

by Kevin Creighton

A great article on the reality of Photoshop in today's media.

FWIW, before there was Photoshop, there was dodging, burning, bleaching, cropping and Spot-Tone (Remember that? *shudder*).

It didn't seem to hurt this guy's career much...

Take More Pictures

by Kevin Creighton

When people find out I'm a shooter, chances are the next question they'll ask me is about their camera. The one after that invariably is "How can I take better pictures?"

My response was always "How many rolls of film do you shoot a week?", at which point their head would explode at the mind-numbing prospect of shoot a roll of film of week. 24 pictures in 7 days. Egad. And that would send them scrurrying off to refresh their drink.

With digital however, the only expense is your time.

Shoot more.

Fire your boss

9.19.2005 by Kevin Creighton

And move to the web.

How soon before we see more big media names doing this? What's more important, the medium or the message?

They just don't get it.

by Kevin Creighton

A catchy tune is the essence of viral marketing. It's been that way since the dawn of time, and it'll go on long after the RIAA is passed in to the dustbin of history. So maybe, just maybe, the RIAA might be getting it.

Probably not, though.

And in the meantime, other legal means of distribution will continue to thrive.

Old skool

9.17.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Continuing the trip down memory lane, I'm ancient enough to remember when this was the height of computer graphics.

Ahh, memories.

by Kevin Creighton

Ok, it's a joke, but it's a well-done joke.

Engadget, 1985

I was working at a local computer store then, installing and setting up Compaq Portable's by the score (HATED that machine and it's Faraday cage.) and playing golf on a MacPlus whenever I could.

You kids and your three pound laptops these days.

"Don't worry about the nickel."

9.16.2005 by Kevin Creighton

It's called customer service. And people are willing to pay for it.

Seth's blog.

God bless our government

9.15.2005 by Kevin Creighton

If you've never looked, the Library of Congress has an outstanding collection of photograhy available for download or buying as a (cheap) prints. A stunning panoramic of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is currently hanging in my house. Cost of a musuem-quality 30" wide print? About a hundred buck. Not bad.

Happy Palace links to this great collection of post-Depression photos. Dorthea Lange, Walker Evans and others did such great work for the FSA during the Depression, we forget the FSA went on past that dark time.

Location, Location, Location

9.14.2005 by Kevin Creighton


Via We Make Money Not Art.


9.13.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Okay, veering off-topic again,

but mere words can't describe how outraged I am over this.

Nothing I've written here matters, in the face of something like that.

Photos from the past.

by Kevin Creighton

And thank God, a past we hopefully won't see again.

A photo history of The Cultural Revolution.


9.12.2005 by Kevin Creighton


"Is the iPod era of personal media choices may be turning us into an iSolation nation?"

In a word, no.

If the author of this article had taken a moment to actually look at and use the technologies in question, they'd find the wonderful diverse nature of the blog world actually opens up a whole new world of possibilities for multiple views on a single story. Or how the iMixes and recommendations on iTunes highlight new music to all who use it. And even TiVO's suggestions for recording can get creative at times.

If anything, the Information Reformation that's going on is *more* liberating, as now we're free to pick and choose what interests us, rather than have it force-fed to us

Technology doesn't change human nature. It only augments whats already there.

The crappy design of the iPod

by Kevin Creighton

Great reading here on some of the ways outside influences shape our opinion of design.

Lend a Hand

by Kevin Creighton

T-shirts designed by Katrina-affected designers.

The Baskin-Robbins Business Model.

by Kevin Creighton

Microsoft is going to release *seven* different types of Windows Vista?

Oh yeah, that won't cause any confusion. Not at all. And pity the poor PC help desk that now has to delineate between all those versions before they can render assistance: "No sir, it sounds like you have Windows Vista Standard Premium. What we support is Windows Vista Special Premium Home Edition, only."

Personally, I'm holding out for Windows Vista Condorman Crunch.


9.09.2005 by Kevin Creighton

And I mean *WOW*.

Got to see one of these live and up close yesterday. Quite frankly, it's the coolest iPod, ever. Unbelievably small and light.

Live by the CC:, die by the CC:

9.08.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Getting fired over a ham sandwich?


In the marvelous words of Tripper Harrison, "It just doesn't matter! It just doesn't matter!".

This can't be a bad thing

by Kevin Creighton

Online ad networks are running out of premium space.

Looks like this internets thing is here to stay.


9.07.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Doesn't look like the iTunes phone is worth the wait.

$250 for 100 songs and a VGA camera? No way.

Now this, on the other hand...

Now that the iTunes phone is out, I'm leaning in this direction for my next phone.

Ummn, ouch.

9.06.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Ok, I'm not into the tattoo fad much as it is (I can't think of one piece of art I've made in the past 20 years I'd want permanently adhered to my body, much less anyone else's...), so I'm definitely not in the target market for this.

Looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Massively useful

by Kevin Creighton

Color contrast analyzer.

And with this, the days of my using #CCCCCC as a text color and #FFFFFF as the background are over.


Okay, websites about Apple Rumors make sense,

9.02.2005 by Kevin Creighton


But a website devoted to gossip about Starbucks?

Their coffee's not bad (sorry, a year in Costa Rica has jaded my palette), but I'd rather go to a local joint, as I prefer to support small businesses over the big chains.


by Kevin Creighton

Sometimes, contextual advertising is a bad thing.

Via AdRants.

Nothing to say today

9.01.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Pithy comments and marketing insights mean nothing in the face of this.

Instead, go here, and give as much as you can.

Then give a little more.

And make sure you hug your loved ones today.


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