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4 Days with iLife '06

I bought iLife '06 for a couple of reasons, my iPhoto library on the iMac was deathly slow, and I wanted to take a look at iWeb, as I have an idea for a similar yet entirely different program.

And I'm impressed. iPhoto is now blazingly fast with the 6,000 images in my library, with no scroll wait at all. The full-screen editing is nice, but one-touch effects are great.

iWeb is definitely NOT Dreamweaver Light. It's barely Microsoft Word. And for a consumer application, it's surprisingly confusing. I was able to piece this together in about an hour., though. There's definitely a lot of "dumbing-down" going on, and the support documentation just sucks.

Which brings me to GarageBand, which I think is the crown jewel of the new release. It's now a powerful a/v editing suite, able to mix both photo and video content, and runs MUCH faster than previous versions.

I haven't played with the new iMovie yet, and just started to make a new iDVD, but I like the new themes in iDVD. Overall, a very solid release from Apple.

“4 Days with iLife '06”