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Yes, please

iLife '06?


Yes, please.

If iWeb is what I think it is, an easy-to-use web design app that brings together all of Apple's iLife programs (iPhoto, iMusic, GarageBand, etc) into a multi-media blogging tool tied to .Mac, (something .Mac's recent bandwidth expansion to 1TB/mo./account seems to hint at), then watch out.

As I said here:

"More importantly, it (iWeb) adds value (LOTS of value) to .Mac, something that's not exactly been lighting up Apple's sales carts as of late.

Let's say it's an integrated vodcast/podcast/web publishing tool that integrates not only with iLife, but an improved Pages product that exports decent HTML/CSS. Now you're looking to boost sales of not one but three products.


“Yes, please”

  1. Blogger Don Giannatti Says:

    What i wonder is why we havent seen any beta testing of what it would be if it were indeed a web-building tool. Whether they would try to go head to head with DW doesnt seem smart to me. Podcasting to iTunes makes sense and maybe a blog tool - makes even more sense... but iWeb.... hmmmmm. We'll just have to see what it is and how well it will be accepted.