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Lightweight, carbon-fiber buggy whips

11.27.2012 by Kevin Creighton

... so Apple is bragging how Newstand allows people to read their magazines on the iPad instead of the print editions.

That's cool.

Only if you read magazines.

But if you've replaced dead-tree media with an RSS aggregator, why does that matter? Why should I wait a week for someone to serve up the internet to me once again so I can read what they think I should read? Instead of trying to re-create the technology of yesterday on the platform of today, why not create an Apple-branded news aggregator for iOS, because I've yet to find one that works to my satisfaction.

DIY Kiosk

11.26.2012 by Kevin Creighton

iPad + Web app + Stand = Kiosk.

There's a bunch of retail markets that could benefit from this neat little hack. And what if the kiosk had a "I need help" button that texted a store employee to your location?

All of a sudden what used to cost $100,000 becomes affordable for almost every small business owner.

How social media changes marketing

11.16.2012 by Kevin Creighton

From A Photo Editor:

"It’s helpful to think about social media as just another publishing platform and delivery tool. No different than creating a postcard and mailing it to someone except that when you put something online it can be shared over and over again with no additional cost to you. ...A blog is the perfect tool for tackling all of these at once. You can publish your marketing material on a blog and have it sent automatically to an email list and post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter." 

Personally, I'm not a big fan of "Write once, post everywhere", as each medium has grammar and conventions all their own. Hashtags mean squat on Facebook, and writing a meaning message within the 140 characters allowed on Twitter can be a challenge.

But the idea that a blog is where it all starts is 100% correct. A blog is your voice. Where else you chose to speak (Tumblr, Facebook, etc) is up to you.


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