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Only Four Years?

4.24.2009 by Kevin Creighton

It seems that YouTube has been with us forever, but it's only been four years.

End of the line

4.23.2009 by Kevin Creighton

Yahoo! is shutting down Geocities.

I never had a Geocities account, but I know many people whose first introduction to personal web publishing was a (sucky) Geocities page.

Those people have since moved on to create sucky blogs and sucky MySpace pages.

Advertising is failure

4.02.2009 by Kevin Creighton

Ex*cuse* me?

Mr. Rubel: Are customer service and peer-to-peer advocacy the new advertising? And if so, how does that change the ad industry?

Mr. Jarvis: Advertising is failure.

If you have a great product or service customers sell for you and a great relationship with those customers, you don’t need to advertise.


Hmmmn, actually, in the internet world, that makes a lot of sense. Build a better mousetrap, and the internet allows people to link a path to your door.


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