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Flipping off the funnel

9.29.2011 by Kevin Creighton

I am not a Seth Godin devotee, for the most part. Maybe it's 'cause his ideas have become so commonplace in online marketing that I take him for granted or maybe it's 'cause the direct marketer in me says "Well, that's nice, but show me the numbers!", but I did enjoying "Flipping the Funnel", his eBook on creating brand advocates within your customer base.

However, in order to flip the funnel, one must HAVE a customer funnel in the first place.

In our recent study, we uncovered some pretty shocking statistics that indicate marketers resist the adoption of new, critical best practices in funnel optimization, inhibiting their success to win over the modern B2B buyer. For example:
  • 68 % of study participants have not identified their Sales and Marketing funnel
  • 61 % send all leads directly to Sales; however, only 27 % of those leads will be qualified
  • 79 % have not established lead scoring
  • 65 % have not established lead nurturing
If you have a sales funnel, congratulations, you're WAY ahead of the curve.

The quality goes in before the name goes on.

9.12.2011 by Kevin Creighton

Jon Gruber has a fascinating insight as to why Apple is Apple.

Design is largely about making choices. The PC hardware market has historically focused on three factors: low prices, tech specs, and configurability. Configurability is another way of saying that you, the buyer, get a bigger say in the design of your computer. (Bright points out, for example, that Lenovo gives you the option of choosing which Wi-Fi adaptor goes into your laptop.) Apple offers far fewer configurations. Thus MacBooks are, to most minds, subjectively better-designed — but objectively, they’re more designed. Apple makes more of the choices than do PC makers.

That lack of expandability and options frustrates Windows user who are used to the Burger King school of PC design, but the side effect of this is that, in the words of my wife, they just work.


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