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Further proof

9.30.2008 by Kevin Creighton

...that if you play with fire, you're going to get burned.

Players who bet thousands of dollars in a unlicensed, unregulated online poker games shouldn't be that surprised when it turns out there's all kinds of cheating going on.

For the record, I like poker. A lot. But I'd never play it for actual money: That takes away all the fun.

Good luck with that

9.18.2008 by Kevin Creighton

The good news is, Microsoft is dropping their utterly lame Seinfeld campaign.

Though I admit, I never liked Seinfeld the show or Microsoft, so I wasn't in the target market.

Microsoft will move to "Phase Two" of their campaign (aka the "If at first you don't succeed" stage) with a series of ads that redefine the "I'm a PC" part of the Apple's Mac v. PC advertising.

Because nothing reinforces your brand like riffing on your competitor's ads.

Oh no

9.03.2008 by Kevin Creighton

I may need to get an iPhone soon.


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