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The DH-4 of today

2.23.2010 by Kevin Creighton

Affordable air travel started with the federal government handing out contracts to haul airmail to private companies using surplus WW1 airplanes.

Flash-forward 90 years, and the federal government is handing out contracts to private companies to haul supplies to the International Space Station.

Why go to space? Cheap power, cheap metals, and because, well, it's there, and somebody else is going to go there eventually, why not us?

What a long strange clip it's been

2.17.2010 by Kevin Creighton

I jumped in around v2.0, and I can completely understand this comment about version 4.0,

"Loyal users of Photoshop were not amused with the redesign, the common question from the community being 'Why did you break Photoshop?'."

Yeah, but on the other hand, we got adjustment layers and macros and that was very, very nice.

Think that PDF email attachment is safe to open?

by Kevin Creighton

Think again.

"PDF exploits are usually the first ones attempted by attackers," said Mary Landesman, a ScanSafe senior security researcher, referring to the multi-exploit hammering that hackers typically give visitors to malicious Web sites. "Attackers are choosing PDFs for a reason. It's not random. They're establishing a preference for Reader exploits."

This is a tad scary for me, as I tend to trust PDF's over Microsoft Office documents (and don't EVEN try to send me a .exe file). The important takeaway here is: Don't open any attachments you didn't know were coming to you. Period.

Tech Support Barbie

2.16.2010 by Kevin Creighton

No, really.

Head. Wall. Bang. Repeat.

2.09.2010 by Kevin Creighton

Further proof that the music industry still doesn't get it.

"According to the report, Warner CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. claims that the pricing increase has been a "net positive" for the company as it sees the music download business maturing, but acknowledges that raising music prices 30% during a recession may not have been a smart move." (emphasis mine)

And there's today's entry in the Understatement Hall of Fame. Pricing is a measure of value to the customer, and the music industry has a (very) inflated sense of their own self-worth. How much is Beyonce's latest album worth to me? Jack and squat. But, say, a remastered version of Kind of Blue, with video interviews and behind-the-scenes photos, all wrapped up in one nice digital package? Lots.

There's a game on as well?

2.07.2010 by Kevin Creighton

Let's face it: A significant amount of people will judge The Super Bowl not on the quality of the football, but on the quality of the ads. ComputerWorld has listed of 10 of the better tech-related Super Bowl ads, but for my money, this EDS ad is still the best (so far).

AT&T makes the right call

2.04.2010 by Kevin Creighton

... and opens up the Slingplayer mobile app to stream TV over 3G.

Between this and finally allowing VoIP over 3G, AT&T is making a play to become the leading wireless mobile data provider. The mobile companies may hate it, as this means they'll be losing their cash cow of restrictive wireless calling plans, but wireless data is the future of the mobile phone industry. The iPhone's ability to download Google maps or keep my email current from anywhere there's a signal is as valuable to me as it's ability to make a phone call, and the mobile phone company that gives people the wireless data pipe they want/need with as few restrictions as possible will be the leader in the mobile industry for years to come.


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