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Monetize the Audience, not the Content

7.31.2009 by Kevin Creighton

Nicely put.

When you play by Google's rules, it's the links that count, and what makes those links important is who is reading the linked content.

This is nothing new. The print version of the Wall Street Journal has high ad rates because it has a desirable audience that stretches around the world. Why not turn your daily readers into something that creates value for your organization, rather than just use them to sell more and more adspace?

An application in search of a solution

by Kevin Creighton

45% of advertisers believe in Twitter, 69% of consumers don't get it

Sounds about right. I like Twitter and do use it, but it's not for everybody: After all, most people don't blog, either, so the chances of Twitter becoming as ubiquitous as SMS are pretty slim.

But, as a means to hit a narrow market of digital nomads or as way to get breaking news before anyone else, Twitter's future is looking pretty good.

Flying by the seat of... the car seat

7.13.2009 by Kevin Creighton

_M110756, originally uploaded by Mark 11 Photography.

This is why I veered more to the photo-journalism side of photography rather than meticulous in-studio work: I loved the thrill of coming up with a great shot with no prep time and limited equipment. It's the thrill of a good hack versus the joy of craftsmanship. Both are needed, both are valid, I just like making it up as I go along more than planning it all out in advance.


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