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You. Do. Not. Get. To. Blog.

7.29.2005 by Kevin Creighton

The party's started, but not everybody got an invite.

Via RexBlog.

A moment of silence, please.

7.28.2005 by Kevin Creighton

After 3+ years of abuse that would make the Marquis de Sade proud, my old iBook has finally bit the dust.

Fortunately, help is right around the corner.

Opportunity called,

by Kevin Creighton

they didn't leave a message. Why AOL should be more like Apple.

"...a distant view through or along an avenue or opening "

7.27.2005 by Kevin Creighton

When Dvorak's right, he's really right.

And when he's wrong, he's awful.

Dear UAT,

by Kevin Creighton

Please read this to make this usable to the 25% of us that don't use IE.

Thank you.

Adíos, Dashboard

by Kevin Creighton

Hello free Konfabulator.


7.26.2005 by Kevin Creighton

So it turns out there are no big changes in my life coming up.

(Translation: I didn't get the job.)


"Every blog is a rock band without a contract."

7.25.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Oh, oh, then I want to be the G-Love and Special Sauce of the net!

Wired News: Web Publishers Eye Your Wallet.

Via rexblog.

(Actually, I'll be happy NOT to be the Vanilla Ice of the net.)

Now THIS is SpamAssassin !

by Kevin Creighton

As much as the death of anyone is a tragedy, some are less of a tragedy than others.

The virus spreads...

by Kevin Creighton

I love, LOVE Konfabulator, a massively useful little JavaScript Runtime engine that can parse XML and RSS with ease. I use on the iCal ToDo and Calendar widgets running on my desktop to have a calender up all the time and keep track of my work.

And now it's free from Yahoo!.

Get it. Seriously, it'll change the way you work.

Sucky interface,

7.24.2005 by Kevin Creighton

cool site.

Looks like I'm late to the party,

by Kevin Creighton

but I *love* Weblogs Inc's Design Blog. Especially this: I suck at fonts, I can barely tell Arial from Helvetica. This, however, is really cool: Find out what a given font is via an image upload with What The Font?

"The public's consumption of news and opinion used to be like sucking on a straw; "

7.23.2005 by Kevin Creighton

...now it's like being sprayed by a fire hose.". (NY Times registration required. Unless you visit BugMeNot, that is.)

A Federal Judge looks at media bias on the right and left, and the rise of the blog. Absolutely fascinating reading about the changing shape of the news.

Look, Microsoft, you can't win them all.

7.22.2005 by Kevin Creighton

There's no way that "blogcast" is ever going to replace the iPod -specific "podcast", so get used to this.

Via Rexblog.

If Cringley isn't part of your regular Friday read,

by Kevin Creighton

... he should be. Especially when he writes like this.


by Kevin Creighton

Somehow, I don't think this will be the next dancing baby or hampster dance.

Speaking of which...

If things work out,

by Kevin Creighton

...there'll big some big changes afoot in my life in the next month or so.

Sorry for the obsfucation, but things are up in the air right now. There's an old Chinese curse: "May you live to see interesting times."

These are interesting times for me right now.

And now for something completely different:

7.21.2005 by Kevin Creighton

No, not a man with a tape recorder up his nose.

In the little spare time I have, I like to relax with a good computer game. My current obsessions are MacSoft's Civilization III (Curse you, Tokugawa, signed, Caesar.) and UbiSoft's Raven Shield.

And that got me to thinking: The mission of the Army's Special Forces goes far beyond shoot 'em up's. They also are experts in the recruitment, training and use of indigenous personnel, and can raise up a guerrilla army out of almost nothing.

So why not combine my two favorite genres, the 3rd person turn-based strategic wargame and the tactical 1st person shooter? A game where you play the CO of a Special Forces A-Team, tasked with the formation of a local counter-insurgency unit, could be the genre-breaker that leads to a big hit. Build up your forces, conduct ops with and without local help, help build up and defend the local territory, etc. Throw in historical scenarios (The Montengards of Vietnam, the Mujjahdeen of Afghanistan, today's COINOPS with the Kurds and urban Shi'ia in Iraq), and you've got a winner.

Okay, Ubi, I gave you the idea. Now run with it.

No posts again today.

7.20.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Meetings from sun-up to sunset.

"I used to be able to see the squirrels, and they were merry."

I've always loved stuff like this

7.19.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Taking the web and mixing in A/V content.

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO make Enhanced Podcasts (images, links and more with audio)

Sometimes, it's bad to blog about work.

7.18.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Especially when your employer takes it personally.

The blog in question.

There is such a thing as TMI.

This needs to be announced by Steve,

by Kevin Creighton

in an Arnie voice, a la Commando.

"Remember when I said we wouldn't make a video iPod?

"I lied".

./~ back in the saddle again ./~

by Kevin Creighton

While it's been 4 years or so since I relied on my photography skills for a living, it's nice to know I can still turn out some decent images if I want to.


by Kevin Creighton

The first digtal camera I used was the original PhaseOne back for Hassie/Sinar, and I loved it. It's one flaw, though, was image size. 18.7 meg tif's just don't *quite* cut it for full-page bleed.

But daymn, their new back sure takes care of that problem.

Viral Advertising is A Response, Not A Strategy

7.15.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Well, duh.

Okay, I love my Nissan Frontier,

by Kevin Creighton

but I'd ditch it for this in a heartbeat.

"I have taken this car to the salt flats twice, the first time it wanted to fly @ 140 mph, but after adding the spoilers and air dam it stayed solid thru 187 mph with a lot more room to go."


Commercial sits (sic) sick of Firfox (sic)

7.14.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Via C|Net

So "commercial sits (sic) sick of Firfox (sic)" because of the "identification of some security gaps in Firfox" (sic). Egad, then they must be positively enraged at IE.

Ah, memories.

by Kevin Creighton

Was it really only ten years ago that Netscape IPO'd?

I love this quote: "This was part of what attracted people to the whole Internet concept. It was more open. It was faster moving. It was more democratic. Our idea was that the more people participate, the better the product will be."

And it still is.

Hell. Yes.

7.13.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Look, I love my iPod. It's forever changed how and when I listen to music.

But would it kill Apple to include an off switch?

abandoned places

by Kevin Creighton

Okay, the navigation sucks, but I like the idea. How things fall apart is as important/beautiful as how they're made.

Abandoned places.

Free stuff

7.12.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Look, there's no reason to have bare walls. Not with NASA's photo collection and The Library of Congress's Photo Collection available online.

I mean, fer cryin' out loud, they have this. For FREE. Almost makes me believe in big government.


He had me right up to step 5.

7.11.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Lifehacker links to an online guide to processing your digital photos that starts off well, but then turns quickly for the worse.

"5. On the Images menu, choose Adjustments > Auto Levels. If you don’t like the results, use the History palette to undo the adjustment (Control + Z on the keyboard also undoes your last step)."

Hell. No.

Go here instead. Steve's the best I know for manipulating digital files.


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