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Finders, peepers

4.19.2010 by Kevin Creighton

Somewhere in Cupertino, a soon-to-be-former Apple employee is packing his things and making sure his affairs are in order, trying to stay one step ahead of Steve Jobs' elite team of iHitmen, because letting a prototype of the new iPhone in a bar fall into the hands of Gizmodo is something Steve will not tolerate.

Hey, I think I know this guy!

4.16.2010 by Kevin Creighton

"I don’t know what I want until I know what the final product looks like. So, I would like you to create 5 fully functional websites so I can decide then pay you for one of those."

Gone fishin'

4.12.2010 by Kevin Creighton

News Item #1: 15 year old boy first to check into Foursquare from The North Pole.
Fifteen-year-old Parker Liautaud will forever be remembered as the first person to legitimately check in at the North Pole and unlock the Last Degree badge on Foursquare.

I understand the idea behind foursquare and other location services: It'd be darn handy for people at multi-day events or in school to keep tabs on each other, and that's a good and useful thing. However, I think there's some major privacy concerns with the service and that's what is stopping me from using it or any other such doodad. You can't undo what's been posted on the internets, and keeping your cards close to your chest is always a good idea, no matter what the game.


4.09.2010 by Kevin Creighton

You have a blog. A popular blog (so right away, you know I'm not talking about this blog). A popular blog with an active community of commenters. That gets a lot of traffic. And also gets a lot of spam in the comments.

So what do you do to get rid of the spam?



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