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"Marketing is about listening."

10.28.2011 by Kevin Creighton

Stuck at the bottom of an article on why working in marketing sucks (note to current boss: I'm actually really happy with what I'm doing right now, and I mean that 100%), there's this little nugget on what we weasel-y marketing types need in a boss.

"...upper management should work with the C-suite to completely align the company’s goals with the customer’s needs. Marketing is about listening. (emphasis mine) As Kristin Zhivago, President, Zhivago Management Partners, said at B2B Summit 2011, 'Current customers will teach you how to sell to new customers.' The C-suite doesn’t always get immersed in what customers are thinking and saying. So, it’s up to marketing to listen and translate those messages."

Good marketing isn't about pushing out a message that nobody wants to hear. Good marketing is listening to what people are asking for, and then exceeding that perceived need.

The day the future began

10.05.2011 by Kevin Creighton

Steve, we'll miss in ways we can't even imagine.

The choice quote happens at 52:50: “You have to start with the customer experience and then work backward to the technology. You can’t start out with the technology and then figure out how to try to sell it.”

The SQL Sequel

by Kevin Creighton

I am not a programmer. However, at some point or another in building most sites, I have to build and test site that require a database connection. I had been using YourSQL to make up for my lacking the programming gene, but that application is dead and doesn't work beyond OS 10.3.
For years, I had to stumble around in user-unfriendly systems like PHPMyAdmin, trying to unravel which table held what table...

... and then I discovered SequelPro. Simple, elegant, clean, it's the SQL client for people like myself who hate to write SQL.


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