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Automatic for the People

1.28.2011 by Kevin Creighton

More people are streaming movies to the TV's/computers with NetFlix than watching them on Starz and Showtime, and they're second only to HBO.

That crunching sound you hear is the ground shifting under the feet of Hollywood.

How soon until we see major producers/directors eschew the big studios and create movies that go straight to NetFlix?

Chemical stain

1.20.2011 by Kevin Creighton

I have a love/hate relationship with the darkroom. I spent a HECK of a lot of time in the darkroom when I was a photo assistant, burning and dodging and spotting and bleaching, and there's a certain feeling of craftsmanship (craftwomanship?) that comes with creating a photo by hand, something that's lacking in the point and click world of Photoshop and inkjets.

But I don't miss the hours and hours of time required to kick out custom prints from the same negative. I don't miss inhaling more chemicals than Keith Richards, and I don't miss the monk-like seclusion of the darkroom, either. Give me a nice workspace and a 24" monitor any day.


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