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12 hours with Tiger

4.30.2005 by Kevin Creighton

The good:

Makes my 1ghz iMac seem faster, RSS feeds in Safari are great. My iTunes and iPhoto libraries all imported with no problems. QuickTime7: Hubbahubba.

The indifferent:
Haven't tried Automator or Spotlight yet, looking forward to using them. Dashboard, IMO, isn't as nice as Konfabulator. I like Konfabulator's ability to place Widgets on the Desktop or under all the open windows.

The bad:
Oh, the price you pay for being an early adopter. Some problems I've found are...
- No PHP or MySQL, AFIAK, at least none at Marc Liyanage's website yet.
- Installation problems. I ended up having to do an Erase and Install, which means I'm spending my time re-installing all my apps and restoring my data. Pain. In. The. Ass. Even moreso because I can't find the OS9 disk that came with the iMac, and I need it to install Photoshop.
- Some web forms, like the email admin to my personal website, aren't working right.

My advice: Hold off until 10.4.1 on this one. And we need PHP/MySQL packages, ASAP.

Ok, I'm nuts,

4.29.2005 by Kevin Creighton

but this is too crazy for even for me.

Maybe a titanium version, though...

First, it was pidgeons,

4.28.2005 by Kevin Creighton

with CPIP (Carrier Pidgeon Internet Protocol).

Now, it's SNAP (SNAil-based internet Protocol).

37,000 kbps. Not bad.

,/~ Don't worry,

by Kevin Creighton

browse Happy. ./~

Sorry about getting that Bobby McFerrin song stuck in your head now.

"...sounds like a series of stage productions starring Valley girls."

4.27.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Engadget has a good article on why Microsoft's "Plays For Sure" music campaign (What, was "It totally plays, gross me out, gag me with a spoon" was already taken?) is DOA.
I'd add that it's doomed because in the world of downloadable music, the real competition isn't between iTunes and Real and Napster, it's between legal and pay vs. illegal and free and quasi-legal and cheap (allofmp3.com).
As such, Microsoft's tilting at the wrong windmill. It needs to convince the people using BitTorrent and AllOfMp3.com they should use their standard and not Apple's.

Good luck on that.

This kid is my new hero.

by Kevin Creighton

Warner Brothers "Loonatics" was and is such a horrid idea that the outcry from fans like this kid were bound to be heard.

Good job.

There's a new sheriff in town

by Kevin Creighton

More than likely, GoDaddy's better pricing ($8.95 vs. 34.99 for a year) has a lot to do with it, but Network Solutions customer service just blows, too. And don'tget me started on Verio.

Anyways, GoDaddy has overtaken Network Solutions as the #1 domain name registar.DomainWorks: Go Daddy Passes NetSolutions as top registrar. Good for them.

Pulled the trigger,

4.26.2005 by Kevin Creighton

And ordered Tiger.

While I have Konfabulator, so Dashboard holds little interest to me, it's Automator and Spotlight that look interesting.

Plus, every release of OS X is better-optimized than the previous ones, making my 700mhz G3 iBook still feel snappy, despite that it's 3+ years old now, with no replacement in sight.

Bring on the G5 Powerbook.

Oh dear God, no, not this.

by Kevin Creighton

Michael Bay, the director who made an entire career out of using explosions as plot, is re-making a Hitchcock classic, "The Birds".

Bring on nuclear winter. Fast.

It's happened again.

4.23.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Is design of Windows laptop so bad that they have to use Powerbooks in their ads?

Yes, it is.

And this from Sony, too.

Busy today.

4.22.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Go away and find something else to do.

Like, buy yourself a new Mac Mini.

You need one, you know you do.

Under Construction:

4.21.2005 by Kevin Creighton

"The neat thing about construction in the real world areas is that all expectations of functionality and appearance are quickly and quietly dropped."

It's sad that ten years later, I still see these ridiculous animated .gifs. People, how hard is it to leave the page off your navigation instead of posting these lame-ass graphics?

And it's all too common, still.

Another good idea

by Kevin Creighton

We love our Civic hybrid (43 mpg! Wooohoo!), and it looks like the Army is boldly going where the Marines have gone before.

Amen, brutha

by Kevin Creighton

"...great design is when both win".

Ahead of the curve

4.20.2005 by Kevin Creighton

My church makes its sermons available in cassette and CD format.

Good idea, for 1992.

How about using iPodder to make them easily available in a format that people actually use? Or at the very least, make them available as mp3's for download on their website?

"El camaron que se duerme..."

by Kevin Creighton

Looks like the new Pope is going to have to look for another domain name, because someone else got there first.

Not that I know anything about that (long story).

Oh, *there* they are.

4.19.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Look, flying cars.


How long before we see Guugle?

4.18.2005 by Kevin Creighton

If this is the precedent?

A brick and mortar store is copying an internet company's branding.

Love it.

Feed the machine

by Kevin Creighton

So long, FlashPaper.

Adios, GoLive.

Adobe is buying Macromedia.

All your creative tools are belong to us.


4.13.2005 by Kevin Creighton

I used to love Sony products. I recommended a Sony Viao to my folks when they were looking for a Windows laptop.

Bad mistake. That p.o.s. breaks down all the time. They should have gotten a ThinkPad.

And now, it's looks like Sony's switch to using MP3's instead of ATRAC isn't that much of a change if a change, as the MP3's are scrambled and DRM'ed before loading onto the Sony player.

And this, from the people who brought you Betamax.

A minor obsession

by Kevin Creighton

My friends are all aware of my plane obsession.

So naturally, a site that combines Google maps and airplanes will grab my attention.

Now *this* is a blue screen of death!

4.12.2005 by Kevin Creighton

I like this. All the security of a landmine, with none of the post-conflict civilian casualties.

Can't. Wait.

by Kevin Creighton

Tiger will be released April 29th.

looks cool, but what I really am looking forward to is Automator. That's going to make renaming digital camera files from the generic "DSC_XXXX" into something more useful ("THB_Wedding_XXXX") so much easier.

In the mean time, it looks like Longhorn is off wandering in the back 40 somehere.

And yet again,

4.11.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Looks like Microsoft's going to miss it's deadline on SQL Server and Visual Studio, too.

Shocked, shocked I tell you.


by Kevin Creighton

Make stuff worth talking about first. Then talk about it.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Because the talking's the easy part. Making good stuff is really, really hard.

Because not every blog can be insightful, informative and interesting,

4.08.2005 by Kevin Creighton

I present to you, Stacked, the Pamela Anderson blog.

What am I doing on these water skis, and why is there a shark down there?

Where are the flying cars?

by Kevin Creighton

There were supposed to be flying cars!
Five years later, that IBM ad is still a meme.

Not bad.

And the flying cars? The wireless digital future?
It's coming.


4.07.2005 by Kevin Creighton

First, everyone can see Snuffleupagus, not just Big Bird. Now this.


Time to trash the Alma Mater

by Kevin Creighton

I learn a hell of a lot while I went there, including never to design a website that works only in IE.
Thank God the web development team was kept separate from the teaching staff.

Tired of Starbuck's?

by Kevin Creighton

Try Delocator.net to find an independent coffee house near you. And if you know of an indy java place not listed, feel free to add it in.

Mark Cuban on music distribution

4.06.2005 by Kevin Creighton

"We carry our library in our MP3 players. We don’t listen to CDs. We listen to playlists that we adjust all the time. We don’t burn CDs anymore, it’s too time consuming. We copy all our music to our MP3 players so it’s all available at our fingertips.

All of our music in a single device. Available to us wherever we are, for whenever we want it. Music how we want it, when we want it. Easy and breezy. That’s how we want to consume music.

That’s not how we are being sold music."

More here.

"The server is down,"

by Kevin Creighton

but we feel great!

Windows supercomputer version delayed

by Kevin Creighton

Gosh, I didn't see this coming, did you?

Tsk, tsk

4.05.2005 by Kevin Creighton

How did this get past their marketing director?
Must have been the same guy who authorized this.

"He went out with a bang..."

by Kevin Creighton


The Clue Train just left,

by Kevin Creighton

and Polaroid, you ain't on it.

They've got an online photo-finishing service now.

How very... 1999 of them.

In the meantime, the competition is running laps around their service.

Wake up. You missed the digital imaging thing, let's not drive the business any further into the ground than we need to, 'k?

Unsafe at any speed?

by Kevin Creighton

Would you drive a car that relied on Microsoft Windows for directions and diagnostics?

Yeah, me neither.

More ouch

4.04.2005 by Kevin Creighton

Cheap stock is one thing for a photographer to compete against,

free is another altogether.

This is starting to remind me of the open-source software movement. What is the business model for a stock shooter when price is no longer an object? How long before this price erosion hits the assignment market?

The sky isn't falling (yet), but it's beginning to crack.


by Kevin Creighton

Between this, this, and this, it's getting harder and harder to be a stock photo shooter.

And people wonder why I changed careers.

Obligatory Chindogu Reference

by Kevin Creighton

Every blog that has "gadgets" in the description must, at some point, make reference to Chindogu, the art of the useless invention.

In fact, I think I'm in some kind of hot water with The Early Adopters Society for going so long without one.

Just don't mention the total lack of posts about Lego Rubik's Cube solvers, 'k?

It's here! It's here!

4.01.2005 by Kevin Creighton

The new iTunes Phone from Motorola!
Didn't think it would be that big, though...


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