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Another one bites the dust

6.30.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Rhapsody is going DRM-free in order to be iPod compatible. It looks like they've realized that Microsoft has thrown them and everyone else who relied on "Plays for sure, like totally, man" under the bus in order to drive up Zune sales.

A strategy that's now doomed Microsoft and the companies who have partnered with them into permanent irrelevance in the mp3 player marketspace.

Learning from others mistakes

6.28.2008 by Kevin Creighton

A wonderful comment from Slashdot regarding the Palm OS and how it applies to Apple.

Every mistake that the pundits wanted Apple to make, Palm tried.

They licensed out their OS. Then, because the licensees were complaining about Palm's unfair advantage, they split into separate hardware and software companies. They even bought Be, which everyone said Apple should have done instead of buying NeXT.

So what happened?

Well, the software side (PalmSource) came out with a fancy new OS based on the BeOS stuff they bought. And...the licensees all said "We'll get to it."

So PalmSource said, "Oh, and the 6.1 version will be even better!" So the licensees (including PalmOne, the hardware side) said, "Great! Tell us when it's ready."

So PalmSource panicked and said, "...um, great! Um...hey...we'll make our next OS based on Linux!" And the licensees said, "Oh, okay, we'll wait for that one then."

And so, without planning to, they committed the one fatal error when you're up against Microsoft - they stood still. Microsoft can't catch a moving target, but stand still and they'll run you over. The PDA market dried up and all the licensees bailed. PalmSource got sold off to a Linux company. PalmOne decided to make a Linux OS of their own, and it'll be ready Real Soon Now.

Killer App

6.27.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Turn your iPhone / iPod Touch into a remote control for iTunes.

I hooked up my stereo to iTunes via an Airport Express and really liked the experience, but could only use the smaller iTunes library on my iBook because my iMac is in another room. Having full access to all my music and being able to control it via my cell phone makes the iPhone a little more attractive to me.

They have so many things in common

6.26.2008 by Kevin Creighton

Intel doesn't like Windows Vista.

Bill Gates doesn't like Windows XP.

Good thing they're not involved with either OS, then, or else they might try and change it for the better.

Great Moments In Computer Journalism History

6.19.2008 by Kevin Creighton

"Man Gets Printer To Work With Windows Vista"

Our long national nightmare is finally over.

Appetite for instruction

6.16.2008 by Kevin Creighton

An interesting article on how typefaces control our ordering habits in a restaurant.


6.12.2008 by Kevin Creighton

The Washington Post, busted.

And it's not even close.

25 megapixel DSLR

6.11.2008 by Kevin Creighton

In 2000, we went digital in my old studio. We bought an 18 megapixel PhaseOne back for our Hassies/Sinars, and $25k later (with the cost of a dedicated G4 PowerMac), we were up and running.

Now Sony (and maybe Nikon?) are set to roll out 25 megapixel full-frame DSLRs.

My goodness, how times have changed. I was just getting used to T-Max...

The best news from the WWDC keynote

6.09.2008 by Kevin Creighton

$199 iPhones.

VERY nice price point. The Nano/Mini were always the best-selling iPods, and now we have an iPhone at that price as well.

"They lack the elegance and intuitive nature of a Mac"

6.04.2008 by Kevin Creighton

And System 7 did finally get here.

One thing's for sure

6.01.2008 by Kevin Creighton

It's going to be an interesting Keynote at WWDC

Stayed tuned, folks! 


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