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Yes, please

This take on the rumored Apple Tablet is just about everything I was talking about almost three years ago.

"Imagine a USB thumb drive with all your data which scales in features according to the hardware environment it's in.
If you want basic access (email, office apps, browsing) plug it into your PDA/Smartphone. For more advanced computing, say, graphics, 3d games or desktop publishing, plug that same drive into a "desktop" machine, and get all the office apps/email/etc, plus the more advanced graphics/memory needed for those other apps. Plug that same module into a "laptop" machine for the same feature set on the run.
Ideally, it will be OS-neutral, cross platform and open standards all the way. It's data on the PC, and what you do with it, that really makes a computer valuable. Hopefully PC design will eventually catch up with that fact."

Bring it on!

“Yes, please”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Wow, that's a software problem! Genius!