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The pirates who haven't done anything

It's not software piracy that's slowing down Windows Vista sales, they're slow because people don't want it.

And what do people want?

Turns out, it's a Mac.

“The pirates who haven't done anything”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    A lot of people use pirated copies of both XP and Vista. Ever gone to SE Asia?

    No? Thought so...

    I'm not being racist or anything, but it's true that piracy in SE Asia WOULD affect Vista sales. I myself am from SE Asia, and I know LOTS who have pirated copies of Vista.

    Vista is just as underrated as much as Leopard is overrated. Apple Fanboys/Steve Job Worshippers should get real.

    Although Macs ARE gaining some Market share, it will take them a LONG time to be able to have at least 50% market share. I don't even think Apple itself wants that Market Share, 'cos its stupid security flaws will be abused if that happens.