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12 hours with Tiger

The good:

Makes my 1ghz iMac seem faster, RSS feeds in Safari are great. My iTunes and iPhoto libraries all imported with no problems. QuickTime7: Hubbahubba.

The indifferent:
Haven't tried Automator or Spotlight yet, looking forward to using them. Dashboard, IMO, isn't as nice as Konfabulator. I like Konfabulator's ability to place Widgets on the Desktop or under all the open windows.

The bad:
Oh, the price you pay for being an early adopter. Some problems I've found are...
- No PHP or MySQL, AFIAK, at least none at Marc Liyanage's website yet.
- Installation problems. I ended up having to do an Erase and Install, which means I'm spending my time re-installing all my apps and restoring my data. Pain. In. The. Ass. Even moreso because I can't find the OS9 disk that came with the iMac, and I need it to install Photoshop.
- Some web forms, like the email admin to my personal website, aren't working right.

My advice: Hold off until 10.4.1 on this one. And we need PHP/MySQL packages, ASAP.

“12 hours with Tiger”