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And now for something completely different:

No, not a man with a tape recorder up his nose.

In the little spare time I have, I like to relax with a good computer game. My current obsessions are MacSoft's Civilization III (Curse you, Tokugawa, signed, Caesar.) and UbiSoft's Raven Shield.

And that got me to thinking: The mission of the Army's Special Forces goes far beyond shoot 'em up's. They also are experts in the recruitment, training and use of indigenous personnel, and can raise up a guerrilla army out of almost nothing.

So why not combine my two favorite genres, the 3rd person turn-based strategic wargame and the tactical 1st person shooter? A game where you play the CO of a Special Forces A-Team, tasked with the formation of a local counter-insurgency unit, could be the genre-breaker that leads to a big hit. Build up your forces, conduct ops with and without local help, help build up and defend the local territory, etc. Throw in historical scenarios (The Montengards of Vietnam, the Mujjahdeen of Afghanistan, today's COINOPS with the Kurds and urban Shi'ia in Iraq), and you've got a winner.

Okay, Ubi, I gave you the idea. Now run with it.

“And now for something completely different:”