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Ninety-seventh verse, same as the first

I tell my clients that websites and social media are like going to a trade show. What's more important at a trade show, your booth or the meetings and the parties?

And the correct answer is, "both".

Your booth at a trade show is your website, where you get to talk about the things YOU want to talk about to the people who stop by (and heaven help you if you don't listen to them).

Social media is the parties and lobby and the meeting rooms, where you get to hear what other people are talking about (and yes, you should be spending more time listening than talking as well).

So why is it such a revelation that people are just about the same online as they are in meatspace?

Don't forget: at one time TV was on the "cutting edge" and agencies with the foresight to hitch their wagons to the then "new" media were able to prosper. But they didn't prosper because they knew more about the technology…they prospered because they knew how to reach people using the capabilities of the new technology.

Technologies come and technologies go. Compelling messages and well-thought out strategies don't.

“Ninety-seventh verse, same as the first”