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Converse, convince, convert

I've said it before and I'll say it agian: Social media is a conversation. I can be a tremendously boring conversationalist at times (do NOT get me started on McClellan's campaign in western Virginia or whether Han shot or not (he did)), but I also think I'm a decent, if not good, listener. And social media is all about listening and knowing when to speak about the things that interest you and your business. And just as there are good (and bad) conversationalists, there is good (and bad) social media.

Ah, you say, but what's the point of social media? Why do I want my company to talk to people on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Whatever?

Imagine if every time you handed out a business card, you knew what actions that person took after they read your card. That's what a good social media campaign can do. And like all online marketing, the success is in the details.

Social media is simply a conversation with a purpose, and any conversation that consists of nothing but "Hey, I need some money from you" or "Wow, I think this thing I did is REALLY cool!" is a conversation I soon lose interest in.

And so will your customers.

“Converse, convince, convert”