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A moment of silence for Internet Explorer

And by "silence", I mean "praise the Lord, that buggy piece o' non-compliant krep is being put out of our misery".

According to StatCounter, IE is losing market share at an accelerated pace, while Firefox has stabilized and Chrome is still climbing. If the current trend holds up, Chrome will be exceeding IE global market share for the first time within the next three weekends.

I've ALWAYS hated IE. I hated it when it was known as Spyglass Mosaic. I hated it when it was essentially the only browser out there for Mac users. I hated it when it became the #1 attack vector for Windows viruses.

But, oh, how I hate IE6. Still do. IE10 may be the greatest thing since pumpkin pie, but IE6 ruined me for good on any IE browser. If Microsoft wants to regain market share, they need to go for the full Bartman and literally blow up anything that even HINTS of IE6, then apologize to anyone who's ever bought a copy of "CSS and DTHML for Dummies."

That'll do for a start.

“A moment of silence for Internet Explorer”