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Is the PC (even in laptop form) dead? Are smartphones the new personal computer?

  1. It's always with you: You've heard the saying, "The best camera is the one you have with you"? The same is true for PCs, and in this case, it's your smartphone. (Ignore for a moment the fact that your smartphone is often the camera you've got with you, too.) Most of us don't have the physical endurance to lug a laptop around everywhere we go, and even if we did, pulling it out every time you want to check your email is a pain most of us aren't willing to endure.
And the other bullet points in the article are just as interesting.

I've been using Macs since, well, The Mac, and I've been using laptops since my ol' pen-based, 486-driven Compaq. While I do lurves me my MacBook Pro, the fact is, aside from processing images for the web and some design/presentation apps like Dreamweaver and Keynote, 90% of what I do with my MacBook can be done an iPhone, and 99% of it can be done on an iPad.

5 years from now, we'll look at the desktop PC as a kind of personal media/file server, and laptops as an iPad with a keyboard.