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Atlantis, home

I'm a space fan. Have been since I watched the Apollo 11 moon landing on my parent's TV when I was a wee, wee lad. I corrected my first-grade teacher on what the Gemini missions were about, gobbled up every mention of Skylab I could find in the media of the day, waited and waited and WAITED for the Space Shuttle program to finally start, and I was happy as a clam when they named the first shuttle "Enterprise". I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Challenger had blown up (Left hand turn lane on northbound Mill Ave, waiting to turn onto Southern). I still can't believe we have two rovers chugging along on Mars, and I'd love to have one of my sons fly a mission to there someday (and maybe take a trip up to orbit myself).

But we're reaching the end of an era: The space shuttle Atlantis landed today, marking the end of her time in space and the first of the shuttles to retire. Here's hoping there are more companies like SpaceX and Bigelow Aerospace willing to follow the path created by NASA.

A nation is only as big as it's dreams, and there is no bigger dream than the conquest of space.

“Atlantis, home”