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It seemed like a great idea, right up to the point where it went horribly wrong

Sending an email to introduce your P.R. firm to the newest member of one of the web's most influential tech websites: Good.

Subject: RE: Maybe we pitch her on [REMOVED]

Worth a shot. Keep it short and sweet and go with more of the social network aspect. I’m sure you can use the typical techcrunch email format.

From: PR Flack #1
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:11 AM
To: PR Flack #2
Subject: Maybe we pitch her on [REMOVED]

I’ve been mulling how to get them on Tech Crunch for some time, and I’m guessing she’s a West Coaster so maybe [REMOVED] will do a video with her. She clearly gets the financial end of things coming from Forbes. Definitely worth a shot in my opinion.


“It seemed like a great idea, right up to the point where it went horribly wrong”