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Cringley on the iPad

"It feels like another Segway, which sure hasn’t changed the way people move on the Earth."

As much as I'd like to disagree with him, I can't. The fact is, the iPad does a lot of nice things, but it doesn't do any one thing really, really well. It doesn't have the iPod Touch's portability, the expandability and computing power of a MacBook and lacks a phone (ok, it does have Skype, but still...) so it isn't an iPhone.

But what does seem interesting, though, is that it has a built-in version of iWork, and with the always-on-anywhere functionality of MobileMe, it comes pretty close to my idea of the data-centric computer: Type up a document on your iPad, send it to the cloud (or sync it with your main computer) and work on what you want, when you want to, at least if you're in 3G range or at a WiFi hotspot.

“Cringley on the iPad”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    You'd enjoy this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnT0zp8Ya4&feature=player_embedded

    I'm not a geek guy so iWhatevers don't interest me. I have a MAC laptop that does everything any of the gadgets can do.