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People won't talk to you if they don't like you

Durh. (via Don)

If marketers need a concrete example that social media can't cure their ills, look no further than college football's Bowl Championship Series. Two weeks ago, the BCS took to Facebook and Twitter and was immediately pummeled by thousands of angry college-football fans. The BCS learned quickly that if your product is hated, social media might not be the place for you.

Social media is a conversation, and if you've ticked off someone lately, they'll let you know. The BCS has a great opportunity to learn from Dell's example and listen to your customers. I'd be willing to be that it's not that people hate the BCS in and of itself, it's that their current ranking system still rewards pre-season polls and their utter refusal to implement an end-of-season playoff is what's got people upset.

It's not your organization/business, it's what you do (or don't do) that gets people worked up.

“People won't talk to you if they don't like you”