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When was the last time this happened at an Apple Keynote

From today's WWDC keynote coverage at macrumorslive.com

11:41 amCan adjust guitar tuning without actually physically changing anything -- nothing can be demoed however, as the hardware accessory isn't communicating with the iPhone.
11:39 amMore demo technical difficulties -- trying to show how easy it is to switch between settings on an amp and guitar.
11:37 amFinal demo -- Line6 and Planet Waves. Together they are working on a solution to control your guitar and amp from your iPhone.

Steve Jobs is known for his flawless perfomance onstage: Everything worked right, or else it didn't make the presentation. Now, I'm not saying a mistake like this wouldn't have happened under the influence of the Reality Distortion Field, but it is something to think about.

“When was the last time this happened at an Apple Keynote”