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Until the next one comes around, that is

The MySpace v. Facebook war is over, and it looks like Facebook is on top.

Worldwide monthly page views for MySpace have declined from 47.4 billion a year ago to 38 billion today, a 20% drop. In that same period Facebook has grown from 44 billion to 87 billion, a roughly 100% increase. And it isn’t much better when you look at just the U.S. data.

Facebook is fantastically useful for old fogies like me, even if it is a bit passé for the younger crowd, and I'll be honest: I never "got" MySpace, but then again, I've had my own domain name for years and my own website for over 15 years, so the idea of a customizable web page is old-hat to me.

Plus pages with auto-play music/videos annoy me to no end. Who are you to tell me that I should listen to your choices in music when I'm listening to iTunes as I surf? If given the choice between the last pop band or Johnny Hartman, I'll take Johnny Hartman every time.

“Until the next one comes around, that is”