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Stop the presses!

Flash files can now be indexed by search engines.


What this means to designers and the web as a whole is just earth-shattering. Flash (.swf) is pretty and nice and all that, but it was search-engine death. Opening up to search engines means that one more reason NOT to use Flash is now gone.


“Stop the presses!”

  1. Anonymous Kirk Walsh Says:

    Unfortunately, it's also one more (gigantic) reason for web designers to foist upon the public more annoying flash animations when all I really want to know is what your company does.

  2. Blogger Briana and Don Says:

    There are many caveats still. No indexing of XML feeds and the like. No doubt they will fix them... however, it still wont help the photographers who have no copy on their pages. Photographers who want their imagery to speak for themselves won't get any help at all and still be behind the curve in social media, google searching and pull marketing. It's almost like they are trying to be invisible... ya know...