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Take Three

Apple may be looking to integrate a DVR into AppleTV.


I like the idea of AppleTV, but it really doesn't offer me a big advantage over my TiVo Series 3, aside from full iPod/iTunes integration. Playback on computer? For some shows, yes, downloaded movies, no. (Advantage, Apple). Download movies and show on TV? (Yep, both of them). Record (rather than buy) TV shows? (Advantage, TiVo). Playback on iPod and iTunes (Advantage, Apple. Nullified somewhat because I don't have a video-capable iPod. Yet.).

If Apple wants to make their set-top box as ubiquitous as the iPod, they're going to have to exceed the ease of use and capabilities of existing boxes in the same way that the iPod blew away the capabilities of existing MP3 players back in 2001.

“Take Three”