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It's not that hard

Any digital media strategy that doesn't take the iPod into account is doomed.

It's like trying to compete in the office productivity area with programs that don't read/write MS Office docments. It's just not going to be successful.


Next question.

Admit it, accept it, and move on.

Wal-Mart learned this lesson the hard way, NBC/Universal is in the midst of learning it, and Amazon.com is benefiting from their pain and the pain of Microsoft, Realplayer, et al and doing it the right way. (Note: It's been said that wisdom is the ability to learn from the mistakes of others. Amazon.com is doing this smarter than any other player out there right now. They're the real competitor for Apple and iTunes, not Microsoft.)

If you want to be competitive and have DRM on your files, you have to use iTunes. If you want to be competitive without going through iTunes, you have to ditch the DRM.

Not a hard problem to understand. Not hard at all.

“It's not that hard”