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Congratutions, fellow shooters,

We now have a loathsome, overblown, over-the-top "reality" show to call our own!

"Well its finally here, VH1 unleashes its latest reality show The Shot on us this Sunday at 10.00pm est. Ten aspiring wannabees come under the mentor ship of the shows host, the legendary (their word not mine) fashion photographer, the sharp shooter from down under, yes the man with the golden mane himself Russell James. In the first episode James reveals whats at stake for the winner; a $ 100,000 cash prize, a shot at shooting a fashion spread for Marie Claire magazine and a national ad campaign for Victoria's Secret and the right to call yourself America's next top fashion photographer."

- via Don Giannatti

I can hardly wait for the sequel: "America's Next Top Product Shooter", in which our contestants must hurriedly find their sawhorses and plywood, choose from a selection of formica and get their lighting just right in time to shoot cans of creamed corn for a newspaper ad's deadline.

Somehow, I don't think that show is going to be on VH-1.

“Congratutions, fellow shooters,”