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Separation of church and state

I don't blog about political or religious stuff here, and I don't blog about business stuff in my personal blog.


Well, business is still business. I don't really care who my co-workers vote for, as long as they do their job well and maintain a good work environment. There is a reason, after all, why you don't talk about politics, religion and sex in polite conversation.

Things like John Gruber suddenly professing his man-crush on Bill Clinton un-nerve me. I like John's blog and think he's hella-smart, but smart people can and do disagree over non-controversial topics, so why throw out a topic like politics to antagonize things? Would he do that in a client meeting? So why do it on your blog?

Look, sometimes you can be a little *too* transparent in your blog. A blog, to quote graphpaper.com, is "intellectual prototyping", and like all good factories, a blog should be dedicated to making one type of thing alone. While it's true that the factories that once-produced typewriters were converted to churn out rifles during World War Two, they didn't try to make firearms and business equipment at the same time.

Know your limits: Just 'cause you can pass yourself off as an expert in one thing doesn't mean you're an expert at everything. We rightly mock celebrities who picture themselves as experts on climatology or international peace, let's not be too eager to throw ourselves onto the same bully pulpit.

“Separation of church and state”