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How the other half lives

Via Strobist is this fascinating blog done by an anonymous photo editor at a national magazine.

Great, great stuff here for the working pro, especially this tidbit:

"Die, die, die you lousy repositories of crappy photography.




Make room for FREE stock photos.

100 Legal Sources for Free stock photos

For sure, it’s a bad time to be a professional photographer who makes lousy cliché imagery. It’s even worse, if your entire business model revolves around using very expensive equipment to make crappy photos. The writing is on the wall."

Note: This is a *photo editor* extolling the virtues of free stock photography. Why? Not because he's out to get the professional photographer, not because he's into the latest Web 2.0 "wisdom of crowds" stuff, but because he's got deadlines and budgets to meet, and if he can save a few grand by going with a free image, he will.

Add this blog to your bookmarks and read it often if you want to learn how to get inside an editor's head.

“How the other half lives”