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Not enough

Pardon my yawns, but why would MTV want to bail on one failed online music store (Microsoft's) in favour of another failed online music store (Real's) ?

Any online music store that isn't compatible with the #1 mp3 player on the market is doomed to failure. It's like importing right-hand drive cars from Britain into the U.S. : Sure, a couple of aficionados might get one just to stand out, but don't expect the economies of scale to be on your side.

If you want to compete with the iTunes store for online music sales, you're going to have to take the iPod into account, and that means selling MP'3's, which prevents any and all Digital Rights Management on the music you sell.

E-Music gets this. That's why they're #2. Wal-Mart *may* (I repeat: MAY) be getting it. Real and Microsoft don't get it, and I don't know if they ever will.

“Not enough”