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Marketing the NBC way

Step 1: Load gun.
Step 2: Aim at foot.
Step 3: FIRE!
Step 4: Repeat as often as needed until you're completely ineffective.

NBC is pulling out of iTunes because it wants to raise the cost of each TV show download to five dollars per episode. Not movies, each TV show.

Did you get that? For $37 bucks and a few months wait, you can own a full season of Heroes on DVD and rip it to your iPod or watch it anytime you want on your computer or TV. And rather than the old price of $42. for a full season, which is right in line with the DVD price, NBC now wants you to pay the amazingly low, low price of ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS (22 new episodes times $5) for a season of Heroes.

Look, I get that quick delivery is something people will pay for, and the long list of songs I've bought from iTunes proves this. But the cost/benefit here doesn't work out in NBC's favor. Look for them to come limping back to iTunes in a year's time.

“Marketing the NBC way”