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Read it or weep

The Strobist points out another reason why you should always read the fine print:

"If you happened to catch the first version of the Microsoft photo contest post earlier this week (before it died a grisly death in a hail of comment fire) you saw the now infamous "Rule Number Five. This little paragraph basically demanded all rights to all entries, forever and ever, amen."

Sadly, this is a fairly common practice. Beware of ANY online photo contest: Make sure you read the rules very carefully. For instance, stuck inside the rules for a Kentucky Tourism photo contest is this little gem:

"13.All entries become the exclusive property of the Kentucky Department of Tourism and will not be returned to the photographer. The Kentucky Department of Tourism reserves the right to use the photographs in printed materials promoting Kentucky tourism without paying compensation to the photographer or the subjects."

So even if you don't win, they get to use your stuff in their ads.

Umm, thanks, but no thanks.

“Read it or weep”