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I don't want my MTV

The Boston Globe picks over the corpse of MTV
, and it ain't pretty.

The money quote:

"The fact that Viacom has a billion-dollar lawsuit pending against Google for using Viacom properties on YouTube, and the fact that it let News Corp. buy MySpace in 2005, only reinforce MTV's lagging reputation. Shouldn't MTV be out in front, rather than the Jan to YouTube's Marcia?"


I'm way ahead of the curve on this one, because I stopped watching MTV in the early 90's once Nirvana made the term "alternative" irrelevant. At one point, MTV was the leader in exploiting what's cool, but now the users of social network sites like blogs, MySpace, FaceBook, Digg (and in some ways, American Idol) are determining what's cool, not a focus group.

The deer now have guns, and it looks like the stuffed head of MTV may soon be up on the mantle.

“I don't want my MTV”