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Surf's down

Fascinating stuff from Jeff Jarvis:

"Indeed, when grouped together, on-demand viewing is not marginal at all -- it's the wave of the future, he said. With the exception of perhaps 10 major TV events, such as the Super Bowl and the finale of a show like 'American Idol,' the new generation of TV viewers will be watching shows on-demand, with a remote or keyboard in hand."

Now that we have a DVR in our house, my channel-surfing days are over, much to the joy of my wife. I no longer flick from station to station in the vain hope that something will attract my attention: I just go to the online programming guide, scan up and down my favorite channels and schedule recordings for anything that catches my eye. It's a whole new word of empowerment for the viewer, and one that will doubtlessly spill over into other media soon.

“Surf's down”