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Almost two years later than I wanted,

but Apple just made my cellphone dreams come true.

When all is said and done, what will make this a killer gadget is that it runs a full version of OSX. What's to stop this from replacing 80% of what you use a computer for? Web browsing? In there. MS Office or the like? Wait for it. Want a bigger screen and a keyboard/mouse? That's what the dock connector and Bluetooth are for. It has WiFi, which means Skype, which means you'll need cell phone minutes only when you leave the home, and WiMax is rumored to be coming soon, too.

The price is high, but it's right in line with other smartphones. And the iPhone has them beat as it'll be THE high-tech toy to have this year. It'll make RAZRs seem like, well, razors.

“Almost two years later than I wanted,”