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It's an honour just to be nominated

I understand the thinking behind Time magazine designating "You" (meaning, us) as The Person Of The Year.

Jeff Jarvis raises some good points on how uninspiring this choice is.

"This year’s cover reveals that the notion — or they would like to think, institution — of a single person of the year in the single biggest news magazine is such a social anachronism. It is a vestige of the mass era. It is the conceit of mass media that they could pick one person who mattered for the world and that we would listen."

I've always thought that naming a "Person of the Year was more for Time's benefit, to fortify the idea in their minds that they mattered, rather than that choice meaning anything to us.

And unless Time's editors have never logged onto the InterTubes (admittedly a distinct possiblity), the people who made this decision have also benefited from the Information Age as much as I have.

Therefore, ithe award should be to "Us". The fact that they don't include themselves with the rest of us in the unwashed proletariat speaks volumes as to how the editors of Time see their customers.

Meh. At the very least, being named "Time's Person Of The Year For 2006" will look *great* on my resume. :-)

Cross-posted at Exurban League.

“It's an honour just to be nominated”