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Mashup, a la carte

Now's it's even easier to integrate Google Maps, Search and all the joys they bring onto your site.

Free Google Integration Extension for Dreamweaver.

“What Google is doing is cool and they are innovating, but it’s still really geeky,” Eric Ott, president of WebAssist, told Macworld. “It can be challenging to pull it off. That’s where Dreamweaver comes in — we like to have a no code approach and make it dead simple to get something implemented.”

Using Dreamweaver Tools for Google adding Google Checkout, Google Maps and Google Search to any website is a matter of a point-and-click, according to Ott. The extension provides a wizard that guides users through every step adding a Google service to their Web site.

Ott said that while this is the first version of the extension, his company is working with Google to provide more functionality in the future, like AJAX search, for example.

Here's more background on what a Google mashup is.

“Mashup, a la carte”