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A modest proposal

Looking at the features and prices for today's point-and-shoot digital cameras, it seems all the manufacturers are locked into a megapixel war, much like the PC world was in a processor speed war 5 years ago.

Does this emphasis on one feature result in better pictures? Probably not. No amount of bells and whistles is going to compensate for a camera you can't easily use or is too big to take with you. Consumers today are used to iPod nanos and Motorola RAZR's: The days of bulky "portable" electronics are long-gone. Camera manufacturers need to stop thinking that this was the be-all and end-all of consumer cameras and start making the digital equivalent of the Olympus XA or Minox GL, else consumers will be soon looking to the ever-better pitures that smartphones are churning out, and rely on them as their primary camera of choice.

“A modest proposal”